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Experience the Future of Smoking with IQOS Heets in Dubai, UAE

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About US

At Pocoloco, we're more than just a seller of IQOS heets. We're pioneers in the evolution of the smoking experience, pushing the boundaries of tradition to create a future where smoking is synonymous with innovation and satisfaction. Based in the UAE, our customers are the heart of our mission, driving our commitment to providing them with a superior alternative to conventional cigarettes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize the world of smoking by offering cutting-edge IQOS heets, a cleaner alternative to traditional cigarettes. We aim to enhance the smoking experience of our customers, ensuring that each puff is satisfying, richer, and far less harmful.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading provider of IQOS heets in the UAE. We envision a future where our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction transforms the smoking landscape, making us a trusted household name among smokers seeking a better alternative.

Introducing IQOS: A Smoke-Free Alternative to Cigarettes Unveiled

IQOS, the first and best of the tobacco heating systems, is currently ousting classic cigarettes from the market. The IQOS tobacco heater contains a large number of patented innovations: Heat-not-Burn technology, HeatControl technology, ProtectPlus system, MagnetFix function and EasySide Opening. During the session, a nicotine-containing tobacco aerosol, usually mixed with flavors, is generated. You can hold the handy holder like a cigarette.IQOS 3 DUO and IQOS ORIGINALS DUO are the most innovative models and are available in our shop. For a smoke-free life.

Design and Components of the IQOS Tobacco Heater

IQOS consists of three parts: the IQOS Holder, the IQOS Pocket Charger and the IQOS HEETS Sticks.

The IQOS holder

The IQOS Holder is adapted to the shape and size of a cigarette. It heats the IQOS HEETS to 350 degrees. The holder is lightweight because the large battery is housed in the pocket charger. The good workmanship of the holder is also striking. The lithium battery in the holder is sufficient for 20 HEETS.

The IQOS Pocket Charger

The IQOS Pocket Charger serves both as a secure storage case for the holder and to charge the holder. The pocket charger itself can also be charged. This can be done with the IQOS USB power pack and the IQOS USB charging cable which takes 120 minutes.


The IQOS HEETS tobacco sticks are heated evenly to up to 350°C instead of burning the tobacco at up to 800°C as with a conventional cigarette. In this way, the IQOS releases up to 95% fewer pollutants than a cigarette.
The consumer breathes in the vapour, which is largely possible without the typical smell of smoke on clothing and hands. In addition, an ashtray is no longer required, since no combustion takes place, and no ash needs to be disposed of.
To use the IQOS, a HEETS tobacco stick is required instead of a liquid in an e-cigarette, which is available in different flavors and intensity levels.

What do I need to use IQOS?

  • The smoker needs a holder that is reminiscent of a cigarette in its shape.
  • The IQOS HEETS Selection tobacco sticks, which contain the tobacco and must be used every time, are also important. These are similar to a normal pack of 20 cigarettes.
  • The purchase also includes a charger and the so-called pocket charger, which is also a kind of storage box.
  • A special cleaning set is also included and available separately to clean the device at regular intervals.

And this is how IQOS works!

  • The user must ensure that the holder is sufficiently charged. Then the tobacco stick is simply inserted into the device until a slight resistance is felt.
  • As soon as the button is pressed, the mouthpiece can be pulled, this is the so-called Heat Control Technology.
  • This creates a vapor that can be inhaled by the smoker and contains less harmful substances than cigarette smoke.

Differences between IQOS and a cigarette?

Cigarettes burn at up to 800 degrees, with harmful cigarette smoke and its soot being inhaled. The IQOS heats the tobacco sticks at only 350°C and the smoker only inhales steam, which is slightly different in taste.

By heating the HEETS, up to 95 percent fewer harmful substances are released, ash is not produced and the tobacco sticks can be disposed of with normal household waste after use. Here, however, be careful that the HEETS have already cooled down.

However, the IQOS must be charged regularly to be used. Cleaning is also necessary from time to time, but it is extremely easy with a special cleaning brush.

However, the benefits are significant. The mere fact that no soot is inhaled and the risk of fire is lower outweighs this. Furthermore, the smell of cold smoke typical of cigarettes, and yellowish discoloration of fingers, teeth and walls is no longer present through the use of IQOS.

Our IQOS Collection in Dubai

Our inventory of IQOS devices includes the IQOS 3 Multi, IQOS 3 Duo, and IQOS Lil Solid. Each of these systems offers unique features. The IQOS 3 Multi allows smokers to enjoy up to 10 HEETS sticks consecutively once fully charged. It is available in four finishes: Brilliant Gold, Stellar Blue, Velvet Grey, and Warm White. The IQOS 3 Duo sets itself apart with its fast charging time and elegant design. This device allows for two consecutive uses and is perfect for on-the-go smoking. It is available in five finishes: Stellar Blue, Warm White, Brilliant Gold, Velvet Grey, and the Limited Edition Frosted Red. The IQOS Lil Solid, the smallest of all IQOS devices, allows users to smoke up to 4 times in a row. It is available in three finishes: White, Black, and Blue.

We offer free home delivery of IQOS and HEETS to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, and Fujairah! Experience the convenience of having your products delivered straight to your doorstep in these locations.

Our HEETS Flavors In Dubai

At, we are proud to offer our unparalleled HEETS Dubai collection, featuring an extensive variety of flavors. Our collection boasts the largest and most diverse selection of HEETS flavors available in Dubai, catering to the unique preferences of all our clients. From the classic and quintessential HEETS Classic selection, which includes favorites like IQOS HEETS Summer Breeze Classic, IQOS HEETS Yellow Green Selection Classic, IQOS HEETS Turquoise Selection Classic, IQOS HEETS Yellow Selection Classic, IQOS HEETS Amber Selection Classic, IQOS HEETS Bronze Selection Classic, and more, all starting from a price of AED 85.

In addition to the classics, offers an impressive variety of flavors from the ever-popular HEETS Marlboro selection. Explore options like Marlboro IQOS HEETS Purple Menthol, Marlboro IQOS HEETS Smooth Regular, and Marlboro IQOS HEETS Regular. The HEETS Parliament selection boasts an extensive range of flavors, including IQOS HEETS Teak Selection Parliament, IQOS HEETS Slate Selection Parliament, IQOS HEETS Turquoise Selection Parliament, IQOS HEETS Amber Selection Parliament, IQOS HEETS Gold Selection Parliament, and more. Experience sophistication with our HEETS Creations selection, featuring flavors like HEETS Creations Apricity and HEETS Creations Yugen.

Additionally, we offer a wide range of HEETS selections, including HEETS Yugen Dimensions and HEETS Noor Dimensions. Our HEETS Arabic selection features popular options such as IQOS HEETS Yellow Selection Arabic and IQOS HEETS Amber Selection Arabic, among others. Don't miss out on our HEETS Terea flavor Japan selection, which showcases exceptional flavors like Terea flavor ILUMA HEETS Purple Menthol.

Discover our exclusive range of IQOS VEEV Pods, including the one-of-a-kind IQOS VEEV Green Mix Herbal Pods. Not to mention, indulge in the exquisite HEETS Pearl Classic collection featuring delightful flavors like IQOS HEETS Sun Pearl Classic and IQOS HEETS Arbor Pearl Classic. Experience vaping perfection like never before.

As pioneers in the UAE, we have been committed to offering an extensive range of flavors. With our same-day delivery service to all regions in Dubai, we ensure that our customers experience the highest level of satisfaction.

At, we guarantee our clients exceptional quality items and outstanding service. We take pride in our unparalleled collection and are committed to delivering an unforgettable experience that will keep our clients coming back for more!

Why Choose Pocoloco to Buy HEETS and IQOS Dubai

Welcome to Pocoloco - the one-stop online shop for all your HEETS flavor cravings! We are extremely proud to offer our customers an extensive range of authentic IQOS devices and irresistible HEETS flavors. Our unwavering commitment to quality sets us apart, and we strive to deliver the finest products and services to our valued clients.

Furthermore, at Pocoloco, our prices are incredibly reasonable, and we frequently offer special deals and discounts to give our customers that little something extra. As a result, you can now indulge in your favorite HEETS flavors without breaking the bank. And if that's not enough, we also provide attractive discounts and Free Same Day Delivery on purchases above AED 350. We prioritize our clients and are always available to assist with any inquiries you might have. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at Pocoloco.

We are committed to delivering an exceptional experience to smokers. Don't wait any longer - place your order today and explore a world of delightful Pocoloco HEETS flavors that will leave you craving for more! Interested in learning more about the benefits of IQOS and Pocoloco HEETS? Please reach out to us as soon as possible.