Top 10 Best Saree Shops In Al Ain

Al Ain, known for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant community, is a haven for saree enthusiasts seeking the perfect blend of tradition and elegance. Whether you are a resident or a visitor, delving into the world of Indian fashion through Al Ain’s top saree shops is an experience not to be missed. From opulent silk to intricate embroidery, these stores offer a diverse array of exquisite sarees that cater to every taste and occasion. So, if you’re ready to embark on a sartorial adventure through the bustling streets of Al Ain in search of the finest sarees, join us as we unveil the Top 10 Best Saree Shops in this enchanting city.


Address : Al Mu’tarid – Abu Dhabi
Contact Number : +97137555101
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 4.3 | 6
Website : NA
Location :
Customer Reviews :
1: Alia E: Very respected and professional team and services. Although it expensive I deal with them alot because of the verity of designs, also they use original stones. And if it happened and the stones fill down they will fix it . They keep your data including your sizes in the shop systems which I really like. Before they do the designs they will check the fabric and if it damage they will call you. Am using their dresses for years. I hope they will change to the best , In’sha’Allah 👌
2: liyakat ali: Wonderful
3: abdul mudasir: Diamond

Euro style fashion

Address : الشارع الثاني – Central District – Abu Dhabi
Contact Number : +971544449222
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 4.1 | 79
Website : NA
Location :
Customer Reviews :
1: salman khan: This is amazing place for your outfits because you can choose your clothes as your lifestyle and you can find at your choice because this place is very very beautiful and whatever I saw looking genuinely and if you wear the clothes it’s looking gorgeous. I am inviting you to go this Euro style fashion shop and check the clothes style as your choice it’s a beautiful place.
2: Alia Alawi: I’ve seen this place in an Ad and decided to visit it while in AlAin… it has niece pieces of clothes.. it selks casual and evening wear and shoes too.
3: MNy: -Provide modest women clothing , mostly Turkish – Modest gym clothes -Modest travel clothes – affordable shoes and bags – Regular sales, they got instagram account, you can follow them to catch up with the sales and discounts – Staff are helpful and nice – change room available

Creek outlet center al ain

Address : Main Street Al Ain near webworld it solutions – Abu Dhabi
Contact Number : +97137512400
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 4.1 | 317
Website :
Location :
Customer Reviews :
1: wala Haija: It’s a place where you can go and pick everything you want all at once for any gender or age . Place is organised and staff are super helpful.
2: Em Lyn: Staffs are nice and accomodating. They have many variety of affordable selections of RTW items. Lift was kind of small and not really Stroller friendly. Well in general the surrounding areas as a whole as I notices isn’t Stroller or wheelchair friendly.
3: Mohamed ELsaid: Nice place with good price and all options for gents and ladies and children

Al Ain Flower Market

Address : Al Jimi – Abu Dhabi
Contact Number : +97137622710
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 4.0 | 1424
Website : NA
Location :
Customer Reviews :
1: DXBRigga xoxo: I bought a good cooking ware in this place. Lots of products and varieties. Prices are good. I went once and will come again for sure.
2: Abdul Sattar Khan: Nice shopping experience under one roof everything price was affordable
3: Said Ullah: Very nice and clean market Everything is mixed Reasonable price

Textile Shops Al Ain

Address : 6QF7+CWQ – Central District – Abu Dhabi
Contact Number : NA
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 4.0 | 5
Website : NA
Location :
Customer Reviews :
1: Ms. Mariyah: Good. Reasonable prices.
2: خالد القاسمي: Al Dhaheri Textiles in Al Bawadi Mall, Al Ain. We were received by the salesman, Muhammad Fadlo, who was a master of etiquette and morals
3: Aisha alkaabi: Best

Kala Al Ain Textorium

Address : Central District – Abu Dhabi
Contact Number : +97137645900
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 4.0 | 31
Website : NA
Location :
Customer Reviews :
1: Abdullah Elnekiti: I have knew this place for 3 years. A bit overpriced but you get high quality products
2: Michal Kopec: Small and not very fancy place. it is rather for locals to buy a daily stuff than for the tourists.
3: Ali Alnuaimi: Nice garments .. specially for special tastes

Regal Fabrics Al Ain

Address : Old Immigration Road – next to KM Trading – Central District – Abu Dhabi
Contact Number : +97137515033
Reviews Count : ★★★★★ 4.0 | 14
Website :
Location :
Customer Reviews :
1: Sonja Mollentze: Great textiles, good variety.
2: Solayman Ebrahim: What u need for materials etc
3: Mariam Al Mansoori: I like the quality fabric

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